Angora Hamster: En Fördjupande Översikt

31 oktober 2023 Jon Larsson


Angora hamsters are a unique and intriguing breed of hamsters known for their long and luxurious fur. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the world of angora hamsters, exploring their different types, popularity, quantitative measurements, variations, and historical evolution. Whether you are a hamster enthusiast or simply curious about these adorable creatures, this article will provide you with a complete overview of angora hamsters.

Vad är en Angora Hamster?


Angora hamsters are a type of Syrian hamster that have a distinct characteristic – their fur. Unlike regular Syrian hamsters, angora hamsters possess long, soft, and silky fur that adds to their charm. This unique trait has made them highly sought after among hamster enthusiasts worldwide. Angora hamsters come in various colors, including white, cream, cinnamon, and black.

Populära Typer av Angora Hamstrar

There are several popular types of angora hamsters, each with its own characteristic features. Some of the most sought-after types include:

1. Teddy Bear Angora Hamsters: These hamsters have a larger body size and a teddy bear-like appearance. They are known for their friendly and docile nature, making them perfect pets for individuals of all ages.

2. Satin Angora Hamsters: Satin angora hamsters have a shiny and lustrous coat that gives them a unique appearance. They are known for being active and playful, making them suitable for owners who enjoy interacting with their pets.

3. Rex Angora Hamsters: Rex angora hamsters have curly fur, giving them a distinctive look. They are playful and highly sociable, making them ideal pets for families with children.

Kvantitativa Mätningar om Angora Hamstrar

When it comes to quantitative measurements, an important aspect to consider in angora hamsters is their fur length. On average, angora hamsters can have fur lengths ranging from 2 to 4 inches. However, exceptional individuals can have fur lengths up to 6 inches.

In addition to fur length, angora hamsters are also weighed to determine their size and health. Adult angora hamsters typically weigh between 100 to 150 grams, with males often being slightly larger than females.

Skillnader mellan olika Angora Hamstrar

Despite belonging to the same breed, angora hamsters can exhibit variations in their fur texture, color, and temperament. These differences can be attributed to selective breeding techniques employed by breeders to achieve specific traits in their hamsters.

Fur Texture: The fur of angora hamsters can range from soft and silky to more coarse and dense. The specific texture often depends on the individual hamster’s genetic makeup.

Fur Color: Angora hamsters come in a variety of colors, including solid colors such as white, black, and beige, as well as color patterns like tortoiseshell and mottled. Each color variation adds to the uniqueness of these captivating pets.

Temperament: While angora hamsters are generally known for their friendly and docile nature, individual hamsters can display varying temperaments. Some may be more outgoing and sociable, while others may be more reserved and independent. It’s essential for potential owners to interact with different hamsters to find one that matches their personality and desired level of interaction.

Historisk Genomgång av För- och Nackdelar med Angora Hamstrar

Throughout history, angora hamsters have been bred for specific traits, leading to both advantages and disadvantages associated with the breed.


1. Aesthetically Pleasing: Angora hamsters have a visually appealing appearance, with their long and silky fur making them stand out among other hamster breeds.

2. Soft and Cuddly: The luxurious fur of angora hamsters makes them irresistible to touch and cuddle. They are often compared to living stuffed animals due to their fluffy coats.

3. Show-worthy: Angora hamsters are highly sought after in the show circuit due to their unique fur characteristics. Breeders and enthusiasts often compete to showcase their finest angora hamsters, resulting in the continuous improvement of the breed.


1. Grooming Needs: Due to their long fur, angora hamsters require regular grooming to prevent matting and tangling. Owners must dedicate time and effort to ensure their pets’ coats remain in pristine condition.

2. Shedding: Angora hamsters are known to shed more than regular Syrian hamsters. Owners should be prepared for increased fur maintenance and cleaning to keep their environment clean and hygienic.

3. Prone to Overheating: The dense fur of angora hamsters can make them more susceptible to overheating, particularly in warmer climates. It is crucial for owners to provide a cool and well-ventilated living space for their furry friends.


Angora hamsters are captivating creatures that offer a unique pet-owning experience. Their long and luxurious fur, diverse colors, and varying temperaments make them a popular choice among hamster enthusiasts. Understanding the different types, quantitative measurements, variations, and historical evolution of angora hamsters allows owners to appreciate and care for these delightful pets more effectively. Whether you are considering adding angora hamsters to your family or simply intrigued by their fascinating traits, this in-depth article has provided you with a comprehensive overview of these adorable rodents.


Vad är en angora hamster?

En angora hamster är en typ av syriansk hamster som utmärker sig genom sin långa och silkeslena päls.

Vilka är de populäraste typerna av angora hamstrar?

Några av de populäraste typerna av angora hamstrar inkluderar Teddy Bear Angora Hamsters, Satin Angora Hamsters och Rex Angora Hamsters.

Vilka är för- och nackdelarna med att äga en angora hamster?

Fördelar med att äga en angora hamster inkluderar deras estetiska utseende, mjuka päls och möjlighet att delta i utställningar. Nackdelar kan vara att de kräver regelbunden pälsvård, fäller mer än vanliga syrianska hamstrar och är mer benägna att överhettas.

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